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What makes my Mentorship Program special is that my style of teaching is through storytelling.  “Experiences Groom Greatness”.  I tell stories based on my 25+ years of experiences.  Anybody can hand you a workbook or instructional steps and say, “do this”.  However, my mentorship is created to be much more hands on and intimate.  This mentorship is gritty, raw, vulnerable.  Yet, so powerful and rewarding. You ever smell something that ignites a memory from 15-20 years ago?  That’s the affect that my mentorship has on a person.

Now I know what you are thinking, “OMG this mentorship is just for me!” 

No, its not!  Some of you are not ready to put in the work and be dedicated to the process.  In that case, you may want to take my BEAUTY MARK program first to test the waters.  That is why not just anyone can take my mentorship program.  You must first apply, and then be accepted into the program.  This is a commitment. Financial, Mental, Physical and Spiritual.  You are financially investing into your future! You have to be mentally prepared to complete the program.  You have to physically do the work and our energy have to connect for you to fully trust and understand the process.  I’m building beauty moguls here! 

So now if you feel like this mentorship is for you, JOIN THE WAITLIST

Be the first to get access to a life changing experience and investment

*only accepting 10 Cash Dolls

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